Webs Pay

WebsPay.com is for sale.

Webs pay is an easy to remember, easy to type, easy to pronounce, and very meaningful name.

I registered this name having some business ideas in mind. ie:  to start an online company which makes quick and easy payment through this website, like PayPal, AlertPay and SagePay etc. or Making secure international money transfer through this website like WesternUnion.

This name carries two most popular words in the web world , Webs and Pay.

That’s why VistaPrint (a digital marketing company) bought Webs.com for $117.5 million.

Now you can imagine how much money Pay.com worth.

Estibot value of Pay.com is $535,000. Visit link to see.




I include some historic domain name sales here similar to WebsPay.com

YouPay.com sold for  $200,000

OnlinePay.com  sold for   $32,000

SmilePay.com  sold for   $30,000

SimplePay.com  sold for   $25,800

justPay.com sold for    $25,000

CellPay.com sold for    $17,500

24Pay.com  sold for   $16,500

NationalPay.com  sold for  $17,500


Now its your turn to acquire this great internet property.

Nowadays it is impossible to get a two-word dot com domain name like WebsPay.com as most of the two-word domain names are already registered.

 Currently,  we have lot of domain name extensions, but dot com is the most popular as 85% of online users still type in a dot com website extension when they search online.

This habit has been there for years as they were the only web search options in the past. 

 Dot com is always a king on domain name.

If the name WebsPay becomes a popular brand name like PayPal the potential of this website will be unimaginable, WebsPay.com could become one of the most searched site in the online world.

Then what is the price of this domain name?

WebsPay.com has huge business potential. This is the basic criteria of a good brand. It is a short, meaningful, and apt name for the business that millions are looking for online.

As per the above aspects this name WebsPay has enough value.

I would like to sell this domain name for only $49.

It is a great news for domainers who are looking to buy and sell domain names for profit.

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